What can worms teach us?

The technical stuff

Find out why worms are so important to God's creation.  They produce the best natural fertilizer available.  See how they do it and how using vermicompost in either solid or liquid form helps all plants.

Consult the experts

There are a lot of people saying a great deal about vermicomposting.  We've pulled together websites, blogs and e-mail lists that will hellp you understand vermicomposting and it's various uses.

The HDC Vermicomposting

The HDC has a very active vermicompost operation.  We grow our own worms, harvest compost and brew worm tea for urban gardens throughout the Grand Junction downtown area. Take a tour and join us.  

Create your own worm farm

Here you will find all you need to start your own vermicompost operation.  Links to YouTubes, websites and bullet lists of what you need to do are here.  If you need help with startup materials, let us know.

A spirituality of vermicomposting

Exactly what can worms teach us about our Creator and about us? Discover how vermicomposting is a venture in theology. This page is for the thinker who wants to find a deeper meaning in worm farming. .

Keep updated!

The HDC vermicomposting operation is ongoing. Get updates on our experiments, our colaberation with Chilean missionaries and news about vermicomposting around the world by following our blog.