Spiritual autobiography is about finding your place in God's design.   Where to begin >


Becoming Aware

Becoming aware is a fundamental spiritual exercise. When it comes to understanding your life and the mission you are on, awareness exposes you to what you are doing and what God is doing in and with your life. 

Selecting a Focus

We are all complex beings.  Finding our life's themes is an exciting exercise.  Where have you seen God?  Where have you been able to live out your passions?  What hinge events have defined you?  What is God's intent for your living?  These kinds of questions focus your attention on single themes upon which you can meditate and write in your spiritual autobiography.  


Writing it Down

From regular journaling to a full autobiography, writing your life is a great way to connect with God, self, others and creation. Do you need ideas to get you started? Click here for journaling ideas as well as an explanation of the anxient discipline of the Examen, a tool for assessing your experiences.  

Sharing Your Story

The High Desert Community schedules occasional seminars and work sessions that include ideas for what to look for in your unfolding life story. You will be encouraged to explore these themes privately.  You will then be given opportunity to share your progress with a small cohort.  This is not a writer's workshop.  A typical session includes 45 minutes of instruction and idea sharing and 45 minutes of small group sharing.  A small fee is assessed to cover cost and materials.  Check for times and places.